Anggun Music Album list “ELEVATION”

February 24, 2009

Anggun Music list:
1. A Change
2. Jadi Milikmu (Crazy)
3. Sebelum Berhenti (Seize The Moment)
4. Berganti Hati (No Song)
5. My Man (Feat. Pras Michel)
6. Stronger (Feat. Big Ali)
7. Give It To Me
8. Hide And Run
9. Divine
10. Is It Sign?
11. Selamat Tidur
12. Eden In Her Eyes
13. World
14. Crazy (Laurent Wolf Radio Edit)
15. Stronger (No Rap Version)
16. Shine (TV Song)
17. No Stress (Laurent Wolf Feat. Anggun)

Why song number 4 is have word (No Song) it is just title…..
Who Is Laurent Wolf?
Laurent Wolf is DJ of The Year 2008 (Versi World Music Award)

I Think You Must Listen Song number: 2,3,6,15,16,17.
Both of All is very nice…………..
you can find it at:
http://www.youtube.com or any video web.
or you can buy her album in store……..


Comments please………………….


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