New Movie OBSESSED In Theaters April 24th!!

March 17, 2009

I would like to congratulate Jay-z

Jay-z i Have to hand it to you you and your better Half are just the right type of thing we need in this world weather it be man or women because today in America being a man or woman you must find your better Half you Have to you just Have to it’s beautiful to no that people still bring about a likeable thing to the harmoanial way of thinking if you don’t mind me saying Mrs.Beyonce i would like to Have a word with you i can’t Have you believing that you Have to impress anyone with your looks or with How do you put it a Harrasses way of bringing about your better half and putting your pride to the side because you are going to Have to remember that Having something in the way of as far as a harressered or making you believe you should Have something out of spite just Have pantients and remember to go about your life and say……………………………………………..I NO THATS RIGHT……………………….so to no jay-z that you can be with plenty of women I mean tons or 15 i mean thats a nice round even figure just remain faithful just playing about the tons of women or 15 don’t Have anyone getting the wrong idea and she got i …..I NO THATS RIGHT ………….from guess who no suprise your Royal Freshness i can’t believe you tied the knot you sly devil you making a fairy tale of you and her life and never operate on and opposing opossition Have your wits about you and i’ll conitue to reach for the stars and to remind both of you i Have a wedding gift for you don’t no where to send it could it be that pent house in the sky i have to say your career is a career that i would love to be my career not knowing that you your self are the pentacale of manliness with Beyonce enlustreust everents it’s so refreshing yes so refreshing to remember to remember it is so refreshing and make those peolple eat there own words yes eat your own words and make people read a little deeper into what people believe is the truth about you and make you the read a little deeper into who’s talking about what i’m saying being yourself history is made knowing that a person can severe



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